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General Assembly Academic Council Rector’s Office

The NSA performs its activities on the principle of academic autonomy in compliance with the Constitution and the Laws of the Republic of Bulgaria.
The academic autonomy is displayed in the academic freedom, self-government and inviolability of the NSA territory.
The autonomy of the Academy may not be violated by interference in its activities with the exception of the cases specified by the law.
No political, party or religious activities are permitted on the premises of the Academy.
No inhibition may be enforced on the activities of the Academy and on the members of the Academic Community.
Security and public order authorities are allowed access to the buildings and premises of the Academy only by the Rector’s permission with the exception of cases in which it is required to prevent a impending or already committed crime, to arrest the perpetrator or in cases of natural disaster or emergency.
Activities of enterprises, foundations, institutes and other legal entities or physical persons are permitted on the premises of the Academy by contract in compliance with the State Property Act.

Academic freedom

The academic freedom is displayed in the freedom of teaching, freedom of science research, freedom of creativity and freedom of instruction.
The education at the Academy is independent of ideologies, religions and political ideas. It is in compliance with the values common to all mankind, the national traditions and the modern ideas in contemporary education.

Academic self-government

The academic self-government involves independent specification of the course contents and organization and performance of all activities in the Academy.
The academic self-government is displayed by the following:

  1. Eligibility and mandate of all managing bodies of the Academy;
  2. Right of the Academy to regularize its structure and activities by inner regulatory acts in compliance with the Act of Higher Education and other Acts;
  3. Choice of the major courses of study;
  4. Independent definition of the terms of admission and the forms of education for the students, post-graduation students and post-graduation qualification course students;
  5. Independent adoption and execution of the curriculums and of the research projects;
  6. Independent recruitment of the academic and research staff by competitions and selection of teachers in compliance with the terms and order of the Law;
  7. Right to organize and participate in international cooperation, contracts and membership in international organizations;
  8. Right to form its own funds and to determine the terms and order of their expenditure independently;
  9. Right to develop, own and use the amenities and equipment necessary for the activities of the Academy;
  10. Right to sign independent contracts for the training and qualification of specialists with higher education as well as to carry out science and applied science research;
  11. Right to associate with higher institutes and other organizations from the country and abroad.

Managing Bodies

The Managing Bodies according to the Regulations of the Structure and Activities of the National Sports Academy are:

  1. 1. The General Assembly
  2. 2. The Academic Council
  3. 3. The Rector’s Office

The Governing Bodies have a 4-year mandate. It is not interrupted if partial elections are held. The mandate of the members of the collective and sole-member bodies elected by additional partial elections runs out with the mandate of the respective body.

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