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International activities

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The international activity of the Sports Academy is an integral part of the institutional program for recognizing the Academy as a Higher School specialized in the field of sport with its unique face, high standards of education and scientific research. The main objective of these activities is to contribute to the Academy relations with leading European and International institutions for higher education as well as to approve its presence in the highest levels of the area of education.

The internationalization of the education offered by the Academy is being applied at all the levels of its activities: education, partnerships, international exchange of students and lecturers, social contacts.

The agreements and partnerships within the academic networks that have been established throughout the years of development of the Sports Academy since its foundation to this day remain solid and advance. The beginning of the negotiations on Bulgaria’s integration in the European Union and their successful outcome created very fruitful conditions for intense expansion of the academic contacts between the National Sports Academy and other academic institutions abroad.

A significant number of our educators and students take advantage of the opportunity to join foreign academic institutions by participating in international exchange programs.

One of the priorities in the field of international activities at our university is to develop and apply mechanisms in order to increase the number of exchange program participants so that the international experience of all students, educators and administrative staff could contribute to the entire growth of the National Sports Academy “Vassil Levski”.

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