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Vitosha Mountain Sports Base

Prof. Ivan Staykov Alpine Study and Sports Training Base Vitosha

Ever since its establishment in 1942, the NSA has been organizing beginners skiing training of all students. However, for over 30 years, bases situated in Pirin, Rila and the Balkan Mountain, which were property of other institutions, were used for this purpose. It was in 1972, thanks to the efforts of Prof. Ivan Staykov, then Rector of the NSA, that the NSA had its own study and sports training base at the Kupena Chalet in Vitosha Mountain.

Since then, thanks to the Rectors, the teaching staff and the students at the Skiing Chair, the Base has been developed and established as the best winter sports center for beginners ski training in Bulgaria. It has the following undisputed advantages:

  1. 1. Immediate vicinity of the NSA;
  2. 2. The Base premises encompass northern slopes suitable for skiing with guaranteed snow cover (December 15 end of April) where ski pistes and drag lifts are built. It also has its own ski track maintenance equipment;
  3. 3. It offers latest models of alpine and cross-country skiing and snowboarding equipment;
  4. 4. The chalet provides accommodation and catering for 150 persons and has local heating and a well-equipped kitchen and dining area;
  5. 5. The skiing courses organized there are low-cost and at reasonable prices for the students. Moreover, all the amenities available at the Ivan Staykov Altitude Study and Sports Training Base are away from the bustling tourist ski slopes in Vitosha which provides opportunities for better organization of safe and effective ski training. By a decision of the NSA Academic Council, the Base was given the name of Prof. Ivan Staykov Altitude Study and Sports Training Base. Ivan Staykov was a legendary Rector of the NSA and it was thanks to his efforts that this remarkable training base of the NSA was established and developed. The Base functions during the summer months as well and is a perfect spot for hiking tours to the high Vitosha peaks: Cherni Vrah, Skoparnika and Kupena. The route marking is excellent. There are high- mountain marking signs on the ridge from Cherni Vrah to the Chalet.

The starting points to the Base are the following:

  1. If skiing, the best way is to take the chair lift to Cherni Vrah and then to ski on the left slope of Skoparnika Peak down to the chalet.
  2. From Zheleznitsa along the hiking route to Cherni Vrah.
  3. From Shtastlivetsa along the route across Mecha Poliana and the Bistrishko Branishte Reserve beneath the Goliam and Maluk Rezen.

    We are looking forward to welcoming you!

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